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Principles and steps of pump type selection

Section I:The principles

Pump is a universal machinery equipment which is very wide scope of application and a considerable consumption.It is widely used in petroleum,Chemicals,electric power, metallurgy,mine,light industry,agriculture,civilian use and defense departments.It plays an important role in the national economy.According to statistics of 1979,our output of pumps reached to 1,256,000 sets.The power consumption of pumps accounts for more than 21% of the national electricity consumption.There is a great significance for energy conservation that we effort to reduce the energy consumption of pumps.

In recent years, we have designed and developed a lot of energy efficient products,such like QBY, IHF, CQB, PF, FSB, UHB, 2XZ, ZW and other types of pump products,played a positive role in reducing pumps’energy consumption.But now,in all areas of the national economy,many pumps’ running state are unreasonable due to the unreasonable selection.Wasting a lot of energy because the low operating efficiency.And the low operating efficiency due to the unreasonable selection,the pumps can not use and maintenance costs increased.Shows that selecting a pump reasonably is equally important for energy saving.

What is called reasonable pump selection is taking into consideration of comprehensive technical and economic indicators,such as the investment and operating costs of pumps and pumping units and etc.To make it economic, security,and applicable.

Has following several aspects specifically:

Meeting the requirements of flow and head,requiring the pumps’intersection of the device performance and pumps’performance curves running in a high range.So that can save power and not easy to damage the parts.The pumps should have a mall size, light weight and low price,even have good characteristics and high efficiency.Having a good anti-cavitation performance can not only reduce the excavation depth of the pumping station but also the pump will not produce the cavitation.To make it running smoothly and has a long life.Building the pumping station by the which pump you selected are low investment and low operating costs.

Section II: Steps of pumps’ selection

First,list the basic data:

  1.The properties of the medium: name of the media, specific gravity, viscosity, coercivity, virulence and etc.

  2.The particle diameter and the number of content in the medium.

  3.Temperature of medium: (℃)

  4.The number of required flow.

Leakage of the piping system of the pumps of general industrial can be neglected in technological process,but must consider the impact of leakage when the process changes.If agriculture use nullah to deliver the water,the seepage and evaporation must be also considered.

  5.Pressure:the pressure of suction tank, drain tank and pressure drop of piping system.(The lose of lift)

  6.System data of the pipeline(Diameter, length,type and the number of pipe fittings, the geometric elevation of suction tank to pressure tank.)Device characteristic curve must be made if needed.When you design and layout the piping,you should note the following:

  A:Reasonable choice of pipe diameter:Under the same flow rate,if the diameter is too large,the low rate will be small, pressure loss will be low,but the price will be high.If the diameter is too small,Will cause a sharp increase impressure loss, so that the lift will increases of which pump you selected,the power and operating costs will be increased too.Therefore,should considered from a technical and economic point of view.

  B:Should consider the maximum pressure which the discharge pipe and pipe fittings can withstand.

  C:Piping should be arranged to straight pipe as much as possible,minimizing pipelines’ accessories and the pipe length.If needed,The elbow of bend radius should be 3 to 5 times as the pipe diameter and the angle should bigger than a right angle.

  D:Must install the valves (ball valves or shut-off valves,etc.) and check valve on the discharge side of the pump.The valve is used to adjust the pump’s operating point,check valve can prevents backflow when the liquid flowing back and avoid the water hammer hit the pump.(When the liquid flowing back,will product an enormous back pressure and damage the pump.)

Second, determine the flow Lift.

  A:If you has been given the minimum,normal,maximum flow rate,you should consider the maximum flow.

  B:If you has been given only the normal flow,should leave a certain margin.

  ns>100,take 5% flow margin;ns<50,take 10% flow margin;50≤ns≤100,take 5% flow margin;for the poor quality and poor operating conditions’pumps,take 10% flow margin.

  C:If you has been given only weight flow form the basic data,should convert it to the volumetric flow.

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