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What is a vertical pump?

The vertical pump is a pump used for acid and alkali resistance soaking in water.

Why vertical pump are used?

1. In places where the water level fluctuates greatly, the pump should be installed at a low water level. In this case, the vertical type can be used to reduce the area of the pump station and reduce the capital investment. Large single-suction centrifugal pumps and axial flow pumps are mostly vertical system.

2. Suction deeper groundwater. For liquids such as petroleum or brine, vertical deep well pumps are required;

3. Another reason why large single-suction pumps are vertical is that water-lubricated bearings with a simple structure can be used. At this time, water-lubricated bearings have a small load and light wear to increase bearing life.

4. For some high-pressure and low-flow pumps, due to the large number of stages and the slender shaft of the pump, it is prone to unstable operation. One of the measures to change this situation is to use a vertical pump and subject the pump bearing to a certain tension.

5. Use potential energy to increase the cavitation margin at the impeller inlet. When the pump is in use, place the first stage impeller inlet at the lowest position, such as a vertical condensate pump.

6.The footprint of the pump is limited: Space savings – a vertical pump uses 75% less floor space than a horizontal pump with electric motor drive.

7.According to our many years of experience in the water treatment industry, using vertical pump will be better than self priming pump.

How does a vertical water pump working?

Before starting the vertical pump, fill the pump casing and suction pipe with water, and then drive the motor to make the impeller and water rotate at a high speed. At this time, the water is thrown out of the impeller by the centrifugal force and flows through the volute. It flows into the pressurized water pipe of the vertical centrifugal pump through the pressurized water pipe and enters the pipe network. At the same time, the center of the vertical centrifugal pump impeller forms a vacuum due to the water being thrown out, and the water in the suction pool is at atmospheric pressure. Under the action of, it continuously flows into the suction port of the impeller along the suction pipe, and is thrown out of the impeller into the pressurized water pipeline under the action of the high-speed rotating impeller, thus forming a continuous water delivery of the vertical centrifugal pump.

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