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Selection and Technical Knowledge of Self Priming Pump

    Without enough water in the suction line can be automatically filled with water pumped is called self-priming centrifugal pumps. Self-priming pump has many structure types, in which external mixing self-priming pump work principle is: it is should be filled with enough water before starting the self-priming pump (or enough water in pump housing itself there). The impeller rotation and water flow to volute from the channel, then the entrance to form vacuum, so that the water backstop door open, the intake air tube into the pump and reaches the outer edge of the impeller channel. On the other hand, the water flows back to the impeller outer edge of the backwater hole. Under the differential pressure and gravity, toward the channel impeller, the impeller was crushed, and mixed the air, the flow direction to rotation. Then backwater hole with the right confluence of streams of water, along the spiral flow. As the liquid in the volute continue to impact cascade, constantly being crushed impeller, it is strongly mixing with air to produce a mixture of gas and water, and the constant flow of water resulting gas can not be separated. The mixture was stripped in volute tongue every exit along the short tube into the separation chamber. In the air separation chamber is separated out from the drain outlet pipe, and the water is still flowing through the impeller backwater hole around the outer edge of the suction tube and mixed with air. This repeated cycle, gradually sucked the air pipe drained the water into the self priming pump, self-priming process is completed.

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