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The advantages of vertical self priming pump in low transportation

Submerged pump has solved low transportation problems, but it also brings some usage troubles. Jiekai Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. has adopted aboard advanced technology to manufacture patent vertical self priming pump. It can replace of submerged pump, self priming can reach to 8 meters.
Vertical self priming pump has following advantages:
1. The pump belongs to vertical pump, compared with the same parameters submerged pump, vertical pump weight less and takes less room. Since the axis perpendicular to the direction of installation, and it is not easy to leak.
2 The self priming pump canceled the long axis, and also canceled the bearing problem that greatly extended maintenance period, while also reducing vibration.
3 It may be damaged and needed repair parts are on the ground, give maintenance great convenience. Pump inlet is only a hollow tube, no bottom valve. If the inlet is clogged garbage, the hollow tube can be pulled out to clean up, but you need the whole liquid pumps pump hanging out to clean up.
4 Submerged pumps need to be determine at the time of purchase pumping fluid depth, if the liquid does not match the depth and length of the shaft, you need to choose another pump, and long vertical pump with different lengths of hollow tubes, which can be pumped at different depths without exchange itself.
5 The operation of air pump can be maintained for a longer period of time, in order to facilitate find and take measures to prevent damage to the motor and reduce losses caused by misuse, security is good.
6 Submerged pumps must be installed above the liquid. The self priming pump can be installed on top, can be installed next to the vacuum suction hose of the liquid can not reach straight or availability resistant, very strong mobility.

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