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The height of self-priming pump

The height of self-priming pump is related to sealing gap with the front of the impeller, the number of revolutions of the pump, the liquid level of the separation chamber and other factors. The sealing gap is smaller, the higher of self-priming, and generally 0.3 to 0.5 mm; In the gap increases, except for self-priming height, the pump head, efficiency decreased. Self-priming pump impeller height with a circumferential speed u2 increases, but the maximum height of self-absorption, increasing the number of revolutions is no longer self-priming height increased, this time just to shorten the time of self-absorption; When revolutions dropped, the height of priming, along with the decline.

In other conditions remain unchanged, self-priming height also increases storage height increases (but not exceed the height of the separation chamber optimal storage). In order to better enable self-priming pump gas mixed with water, the impeller blades shall be less, so that the pitch of the cascade increases; and should adopt the semi-open impeller (or impeller wide channel impeller), which is more facilitate the penetration depth in the backwater impeller cascade.

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