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Three advantages of diaphragm pump

We are a experienced wholesaler of diaphragm pump, not only its quality, but also its price.
1. Using air as the power, so the traffic will automatically adjust along with pressure (outlet resistance), suitable for high viscosity fluid. The centrifugal pump works on the basis of fixable water, higher viscosity fluid requires the supporting reducer or the frequency conversion governor,so the cost is greatly raised, the gear pump is the same.
2. In inflammable and explosive environment, pneumatic diaphragm pump is respectively reliable and low cost, such as the delivery of fuel, gunpowder, explosives. The fluid does not overheat because the diaphragm pump on the fluid agitation is minimal.
3. The site of the bad places, such as construction sites, industrial and mining waste water discharge, the composition is complicated, because of the impurity in the sewage pipe is easy to jam, so high pumps forming load, motor heating vulnerability. Pneumatic diaphragm pump can be through the particles and the flow rate is adjustable, blockage can automatically stop to flow.

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