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Introduction of magnetic drive pump working principle


No leakage of the plant is the best choice of magnetic drive pump in a factory; completely eliminates the mechanical seal centrifugal inevitable run, run, drip, leak of ills. So as to achieve the purpose of corrosion resistance. Pump drive motor magnetic coupling can play a role in the maintenance of overloading. Magnetic pump is the chemical process to eliminate the run, run, drip, drain phenomenon. Invention "no leak workshop" no leak factory "to achieve peace, civilized production ideal pump.
Magnetic pumps work purposes: transmission fluid, circulating liquids, pressurized syrup stirring.
Magnetic pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, food, and environmental protection in the production process does not contain iron impurities transport corrosive liquids, eliminate environmental pollution. Especially for flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic and expensive liquid transport.
Petrochemical fields. Media are required for its transport process environment without leakage. Some special places, such as the transmission medium hot oil or with particles (such as sewage treatment) and chemical production processes, but also an urgent need to select the ideal leak-free pump.
Base on MP, MPH, ,JKX series magnetic pumps, the introduction/recommend of Japan IWAKI magnetic pump and foreign new technology, developed the innovative design of victory MP, MPH, JKX series.
MP Series: magnetic drive, no seal design, completely leak-proof, does not cause chemical liquid leaks.
MPH Series: magnetic drive, no seal design, completely sealed pump impeller and magnet integrated injection molding, high temperature under high-speed operation and not damaged, this pump is resistant to idle its innovative design, the prolonged dry magnetic pump idling without damage, improve product durability.
JKX series: a high pressure magnetic pump, this pump is our boss Yuzirong and Yihaibo experience and technical testing many years of the company, independent research and design, the technology leader in the industry, there are unique in the world counterparts. Magnetically driven, sealless design, does not appear leaks. Completely sealed pump impeller and magnet integrated injection molding, high temperature under high-speed operation and not easily damaged. The new channel design, the product flow losses to a minimum and improve efficiency.
Pump Uses
Magnetic pump to its fully sealed, no leakage, corrosion resistant features. Create a leak-free, pollution-free culture workshops, factories civilization ideal pump. Widely used in
Oil: a chemical process liquid ingredients before use
Chemical industry includes chemicals, oil refining, metallurgy, energy, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and military departments engaged in engineering design, technology development, production technology and scientific research, management and other aspects of the industry.
Medical industry, pharmaceutical, medical manufacturing waste water, medicine delivery. .
Electroplating industry: electroplating factory, circuit board PCB, LED industry (display), LCD industry (phone screen), phone manufacturers, electronics manufacturing industry.
Environmental protection industry: wastewater, waste gas treatment.
Water: wastewater, sewage treatment.
Film and printing photos: Camera Industry
Coating industry: pressure cooker inside the black coating, flat black surface coating pan.
Printing industry: the production of printing machines industry
Defense and other departments for pumping flammable, explosive, toxic and precious liquid.

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