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Self-priming non-absorbent reason Big Secret

Coaxial self-priming pump does not absorb water is a problem we often encounter using the product, but you know why this problem will happen?

First, the flow of water out of the pipes in the pressure loss is too large.

When the pipeline is too long, too many corners, or pumps into some details, such as the diameter of the tube, can cause loss of water in the pipe resistance is too large.

Second, the pump speed is too low.

(1) power machine repair is not recorded.

(2) improper installation.

(3) the pump itself mechanical failure.

(4) the belt wear.

(5) human factors.

Third, the suction is too big.

The degree of vacuum pump suction mouth can be established is limited, each maximum suction centrifugal pump is generally between 3 to 8.5 meters, the installation of the pump must not only simple convenience.

Fourth, the inlet and an air pump body.

(1) at the inlet pipe bends, cracks, gaps appear tiny inlet pipe and pump connections, are likely to allow air to enter into the water.

(2) a filler pump worn due to long-term use or the weight of the filler is too loose, resulting in a large amount of water discharged from the gap filler and the shaft sleeve, the result is on the outside air from these gaps into the interior of the pump, affect the carrying water.

(3) in contact with the pump inlet reverse flow direction of the horizontal section Application decreasing gradient of 0.5% or more, connected to one end of the maximum pump inlet, not perfectly horizontal. If the upward tilt, will be retained within the inlet air, reducing the pipes and pumps in the vacuum, absorbing the impact.

(4) into the water because of the long-term potential underwater wall corrosion holes appear, after declining water pump work, when these holes out of the water, the air entering the inlet pipe from the hole.

(5) Some users start before the pump is not filled with enough water; sometimes looks irrigation water from the bleed hole overflow, but the rotation shaft post air is completely discharged, resulting in a little air still remains in the inlet pipe or pump in.

Fifth, the influence of other factors.

(1) the outlet conduit mention also affect the amount of water leakage.

(2) a faulty valve or check valve or blockage will cause reduced or even no water flow.

(3) The bottom valve is clogged filter network; or bottom valve potentially causing water filter clogging sludge layer.

(4) impeller wear serious. The long-term use of the impeller blades wear, affecting the pump performance.

(5) the bottom valve open. Usually due to the pump aside for too long, the bottom valve gasket is stuck dead, no bottom valve gasket may rust.

China self priming pump no water absorption basically the whole issue here, and you just what you want, and then remedy the problem can be solved.

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