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Pneumatic Diaphragm Play no Liquid

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps manufacturer because of their performance in the chemical industry to use more and more, but a lot of customers in the procurement of good results when the pneumatic pump play no liquid, now increasingly common use of the diaphragm, so the use of it more and more, but after a lot of people to buy back not find a lot of liquid diaphragm, if not insiders, or repair people will not do anything. Here I summarize pneumatic diaphragm pump play no liquid causes:

1, the liquid proportion is too large, or the concentration is too large, the pump suction reach, so in this case, the pump at work, but play no liquid;

2, the pump body of the valve ball and seat seal is not good, played reflux liquid flew back again, in this case, the body is out of the liquid, but the traffic is very small, very low head;

3, a liquid inlet duct seal is not good, this is the case, the pump is working, but not due to the suction of the liquid, so that the pump is not playing a liquid;

4, air inlet pressure is not enough, the average domestic gas supply pneumatic diaphragm pressure range is generally 2-7kg, greater than or less than the value pumps are not working properly;

5, the pump body wearing parts wear, and relatively easy to solve this case, the replacement of wearing parts to look;

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