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Later-advantages of pump industry - Part 1

After accessing to the WTO, China's pump industry can not develop step by step and follow the development process of foreign industrial countries step by step development and follow the course of development of developed countries abroad.

Technological leapfrogging must be implemented. There are many examples in our pump industry, their products have achieved a technological leap. Such as Shenyang Water Pump Factory, vertical chemical pumps of Shanghai Pump Factory, Slurry Pumps of Shijiazhuang Pump Factory, the screw pumps of Tianjin Pump & Machinery company, non-clogging pumps, magnetic drive pumps and etc.These products have leapfrog development in the technical level and close to the international level.Using foreign advanced technology to transform our own products,in order to achieve technological leapfrog. Such as the AY-type oil pump of Shenyang Pump Factory, Using the foreign advanced technology to make their Y-type oil pump become AY-type oil pump through technical leapfrog development of Improving the rigidity of rotor, improving reliability of the chemical pump and application of anti-galling material. AY pump replaces Y-type occupied the most of domestic oil pump’s market. As an American scholar said:“Winner-take-all game”. In the field of high-tech industry, just one step ahead in technology even a small step may occupy most of the market in this area. Some industries in developed countries restructuring is very difficult and needing to pay a high cost because of the huge inertia.

While the developing countries became a blessing in disguises. Without such burden, can move forward at a higher starting point easily and have a leapfrog development. For example the missile development in our country, Qian Xuesen suggested that we should first develop our missiles then plans after he returning home in 1956. Because at the time, the aircraft manufacturer in Western countries have more than 30 years of production history and a very mature technology, our country is far behind. But the missile development of United States and the Soviet Union just started at that time, we are not far behind. Qian Xuesen said: In our country, to develop the missiles is easy but the plan is hard, at the result, we did it. So, in the chemical pump industry, we also can do it.


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