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Later-advantages of pump industry - Part 2

This is take full use of the backwardness advantage. Relative to developed countries,we can take full use of this advantage to make a leaping development. There are lots of examples in the industrial pump industry. Such like some pump industries rose in the resent year, their output value are already close to the top five pump factory. As another example, an oil pump of Shenyang water pump factory, the development of their pump from DR, DJ, FDR, FDJ type in 1950s, the Y type in 1960s and the Av type in 1980s and their have 50 years production history. For some problems about AY-type pump, like two cantilevered structure is irrational, let the normal temperature structural unity to the high temperature central supporting structure.(In use, the number of normal pumps are more than the high temperature one.) and etc.. Have too many conditions, it is difficult to transform. Dalian acid-resistant pump has not produced DR, DJ, FDR, FDJ, Y and AY pump and produce ZA, ZE-type process pump directly, Now in the domestic pump market, there’s a trends that ZA, ZE replace AY type. That’s the reason why they can achieve the technological leap development.

The past 50 years, especially 20 years after the reform and opening, The scale of the pump factories, economic strength, personnel strength of technology base of our pump industries have a very big development. Providing economic and technological base for the technical leapfrog development. Our pump industry is able to leap forward in technology, and only technical leapfrog development can Narrow the gap with developed countries, catch up with or surpass the advanced level.

It can be predicted that the 21st century China's pump industry will achieve greater development and occupies an important place in industrial pumps world.

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