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Sand Pump 3-15HP
Product Description

JKD-P 一 50 SK 5   5  V  F  

⑴             ⑵   ⑶ ⑷ ⑸ ⑹ ⑺

⑴JKD-P-Model No.
⑵Outlet diameter: 40-1-1/2" 50-2" 65-2-1/2" 80-3" 100-4"

⑶Specific gravity: SK-1.1 SP-1.4

⑷Horsepower: 1-1HP,2-2HP,3-3HP,5-5HP,7.5-7.5HP,10-10HP,15-15HP

⑸Frequency: 5:50HZ 6:60HZ⑹O loop: V-VITON E-EPDM NBR ⑺Pump material: U-UPE
2. Features:
(1) This pump adopts imported UPE material, is molded with CNC with durable wear resistant.
(2) It could be idle running without any damage.
(3) Scrubbing machine is used for sand blasting.
(4) The design of dry shaft sealing could protect the motor to prevent corrosive gas from damaging the shaft.
(5) Be fit to install it outside the groove, it can be used with filter.
(6) Motor connection block could adopts FRPP texture to reduce corrosion gas to damage the motor and prolong motor service life.
(7) The surface of motor could be painted with epoxy resin according to clients’ requirments, fastening screw could choose TI texture and use for different working places.

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