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The common failures and solutions of magnetic drive pump

1. Magnetic drive pump introduction:
Magnetic pump also called magnetic drive pump, its parts consist of pump head, magnetic driver (Magnetic cylinder), electromotor, Backplane Connector, etc. The magnetic driver consists of outer magnetic rotor, inner magnetic rotor and not-permeability separation sleeve. When the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor rotation, magnetic field can through the air-gap, nonmagnetic materials, and drive inner magnetic rotor (connected with the impeller) synchronous rotation. That the power achieves non-contact synchronous rotation. The dynamic seal structure turns to leak-free static sealing structure. The pump shaft is completely sealed by pump body and separation sleeve,so the leakage problems were completely solved.
The specific classification of Jiekai magnetic drive pump including: JKX magnetic drive pump, MP magnetic drive pump, MPH magnetic drive pump, and JKX high pressure magnetic drive pum

2.Magnetic drive pump using caution:
A. To prevent particles entering:
Do not allow ferromagnetic substance and particles enter magnetic actuator and bearing.
After conveying media easy to be crystallized or precipitated, flushing in time.(Stop the pump and put water in pump cavity, running 1 min then let off.)
Conveying media with solid particle, should filter at the entrance of the pump flow tube.
B. To prevent the demagnetization
Magnetic moment can not too small
Should be run under specified conditions of temperature, medium temperature exceeds standard is forbidden.
C. To prevent dry friction
It is forbidden to idle.
It is forbidden to medium return.
Under the condition of the outlet valve closed. Pump continuous operation time shall not exceed 2 min, in case the magnetic actuator overheating and failure.
It is not available in the system with the pressure.

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