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JieKai self-priming pump introduction

1. JieKai self-priming pump:
Self-priming---Water conservancy machinery using for pumping, which consists of pump body, rotating assembly, bibcock assembly, exclusion sundries cover, water inlet, water outlet and backstop overall. starting motor, power linkage, rotating assembly is driven by impeller centrifuge, bubbles surging up and then suction producing, the air in water inlet through water outlet and discharge pump body, the air completely discharged and the water flows out by water outlet. This is the most excellent water pump, has excellent performance, deep suction and high flow.
2. Application of self-priming pump:
(1) Suitable for urban environmental protection, construction, fire control, chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes, and dyeing, brewing, electric power, electroplating, paper making, washing of industrial mines, cooling of equipment, etc.
(2)Applicable for clean water, sea water and chemical liquid medium with acid, alkalinity and general mushy slurry. (Medium viscosity<100 cP containing solid quantity less than 30% )
(3)Can be matched with pressure filter of any model and specifications, optimum supporting pump type.

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