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Characteristics of pump filters

Characteristics of pump filters
Can deal with all kinds of acid and alkali, pump organic solvent, chemical stability performance of the pump filter material is very good.
Pump filter can be divided into the following categories according to its structure:
(1) Fluoroplastics centrifugal pump
(2) Fluoroplastics submerged pump, pump filter is classified by manufacturing material in chemical pump system
(3) Fluoroplastics magnetic drive pump
(4) Fluoroplastics self-priming pump
(5) Fluoroplastics Piping Pumps
(6) Fluoroplastics mortar pump
(7) Steel liner pump filter, etc.

Pump filter widely used in:
chemical industry, acid, alkali, smelting, rare earth, pesticides, dyes, medicine, paper making, electroplating, pickling, radio, che-formed foil, etc.
Transportation acid, alkali, organic solvents, strong oxidizer and other corrosive medium.
Applicable temperature:20 ° C to 120 ° C

Pump filter introduction:
Currently, domestic manufacturers product the liner fluoroplastics type anti-corrosion pump (large pump), such as: CQB fluoroplastics magnetic pump drive, large magnetic drive pump liner materials, IHF fluoroplastics centrifugal pump, FZB fluoroplastics self-priming pump, Impact resistance pump and fluorine lining steel tube, etc. Its material is FEP (FEP, F46 lining for short, has very good corrosion resistance and good rigidity, and Has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry conveying corrosive liquid and gas. It can be used in the following conditions: temperature -80℃ ~+160℃, resistance to vibration and distortion pressure, ≤Room temperature, 400mmHg. ) Fluorine lining pump and fluoroplastics material is suitable for conveying any acidic, alkaline corrosion medium. Now domestic manufacturers product the pump filter mainly including: IHF fluoroplastics chemical pump, FSB fluoroplastics centrifugal pump, IMD fluoroplastics magnetic pump, CQB fluoroplastics magnetic pump and FZB fluoroplastics self-priming pump. These pump with filter is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, formed foil etc.

Pump filter application:
In chemical production conveying corrosive medium;
In the project of ionic membrane caustic soda, chlorine water wastewater treatment and add acid process.
Electrolysis in Non-ferrous metal smelting;
Pickling technology in pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, dye, pesticide, paper, food industries, liquid transportation, automobile manufacturing, etc.
Under the temperature -20℃-120℃, long-term conveying any concentration of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid and aqua regia, strong alkali, strong oxidizer or other strong corrosive medium and not damaged.

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