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Main parts of vertical acid and alkali resistant pump

1. Impeller
The function of impeller is directly transmit the mechanical energy of the prime mover to liquid, in order to increase the static pressure and kinetic energy of the liquid (mainly increase the static pressure).
Impeller generally have 6-12 pieces of back-swept vane.
Impeller include three types: open type, semi-closed and closed type.
Open impeller has no coverplates on both sides of vane, simple manufacturing and convenient cleaning, suitable for conveying materials containing large amounts of suspended solids, low efficiency, the liquid pressure of transmission is not high; Semi-closed impeller has coverplate on the suction side, no coverplate on the other side, suitable for conveying materials easy precipitation or containing particles, and low efficiency; Closed impeller has front and back coverplates on both sides of vane, with high efficiency, suitable for conveying clean fluid contains no impurities. Generally, most impellers of vertical acid and alkali resistant pump adopt to this closed impeller.
Impeller has two kinds of liquid absorption methods: single suction and double suction.

2. Pump case
The function is sealing the impellers in a certain space, pump case mainly made into a spiral shape, so it is also called volute. Due to the runner cross-sectional area increasing, high speed liquid from impellers reducing flow velocity, That a part of the kinetic energy is converted to static pressure energy effectively. The pump case not only collect liquid thrown by impellers, also is a energy conversion device.

3. Shaft sealing device
The function is to prevent liquid in the pump case leaking along the axle, or the air leaking into the pump case.
The common shaft sealing device: packing seal and mechanical seal.
Packing seal generally use asbestos cord with oil immersion or coating graphite. Mechanical seal mainly rely on the end face movement between moving ring installed on the shaft and static ring fixed on pump case.

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