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  • chemical filter-jk1001
  • chemical filter-jk1001
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Chemical filter-JK1001-JK2004


Product name:Chemical liquid filter/Chemical plating filter;

"No leakage High precision filtration"



Material:FRPP(PP) and PVDF;

Pump type:Magnetic drive pump;

Filter capacity:15 L/min~80 L/min;


Specifcation of In/Outlet:JIS/DIN/ANSI;

Application:Chemical liquid filter is widely used in electroplating, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, environmental protection, PCB, leather, dyeing and finishing , wastewater treatment industries and industrial liquid Filtration;

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JK  -  1001  -  F  -  U  -  E  -  B  -  J  -  S  - MP-30R 

1         2         3     4      5      6     7     8         9 

2.CORE NUMBER1001-10"×1PCS,2001-20"×1PCS1004-10"×4PCS,2004-20"×4 PCS;
6.TYPE OF FILTER COREB- Lock core filter  C-Pressure core filter
8.MATERIAL OF CLAMPS-SUS316     T-Ti(Titanium)
Model of magnetic drive pump:     MP-30R,   MP40R,   MP-70RM ,    MP-100RM

What is a chemical filter?

Chemical liquid filters are utilities that separate substances in a flow from each other. Chemical filters can be used for many purposes, including water purification, raw materials processing and the filtration of ingredients in industrial processes.

Advantages of filter:

"No leakage High precision filtration"

(1) High-precision filtration, wide filtration area and high efficiency;

(2) Simple operation, easy cleaning, easy maintenance;

(3) Safe and stable, low filtration cost;

The main structure and working principle of JK's chemical filter:

The cartridge of the chemical filter is composed of a shell, a filter screen, a cover structure, and an automatic slag discharge device. Among them, the filter screen is composed of multiple stainless steel wire meshes, which are installed on the central collecting pipe and disassembled. Cleanup is very convenient.

When the filter is filtered, the filtrate containing filter aid enters the filter through the conveying system (pump or other tools), so that a stable filter cake is formed on the filter sheet (the filter cake layer can provide countless micro channels), and the filtrate is ready The actual filtration is carried out through the micropores of the filter cake layer.

Advantages of JK's chemical filter:

When the chemical filter is working, the liquid medicine is transported into the filter barrel through the power of the pump motor under the filter, and then the particles and impurities in the liquid are absorbed by the filter material in the filter, and the filtered liquid is passed through The filter tube in the filter element flows into the tank for recycling.

Composition: Upper beam ring group-main barrel-pressure gauge group-exhaust valve group-electromagnetic switch-circulation pipeline-dosing tank group-pump-rack attached bottom plate-upper cover-upper cover O ring-filter lock screw Cap-wire wound filter element-filter element lower pad-filter element column tube-filter material group-drain valve component-outlet component-motor cover.

The chemical plating filter is used in electroplating, surface treatment, metal finishing, PCB etching equipment, pharmaceutical environmental protection, etc. Its main function is to filter the electroplating solution during high-temperature electroless nickel plating, and can remove insoluble particles in the electroplating solution. 


For Tank (Liter)200400600800
Filter capacity (L/min)15306080
Material of filter housingPP/PVDFPP/PVDFPP/PVDFPP/PVDF
Core Number(size*pcs)10"*120"*110"*420"*4
Dimensions(mm)               Length(L)                                                                      510510600600
Model of pump-Magnetic drive pumpMP-30RMP-40RMP-70RMMP-100RM
Motor of pump:50HZ/60HZ45W65W150/180W250/260W


Chemical filter-JK1001-JK2004 series



1. Filter body design using injected technology. Whole piece from top to bottom without welding. The design concept adopted from integrative mold to increase the intensity of the filter body with projection rib. Injection technology prevents leakages from the filter housing body;

2. The material of the filter body is made from FRPP or PVDF depending on the process requirements;

3. Filter housing can be assemble with self-priming pump or magnetic drive pump which depending on customers requirements;

4. These filtration is excellent application for plating operations, etching operations and other normal chemical operations and pure water;

5. Depending on customer's requirement, various filter elements for selection and easy to operate:

    · Lock core filter

    · Pressure core filter

6. The filter system provides high precision with wide area filtering, high efficiency, easy to operate and clean;

7. Titanium (Ti) material clamp set as well can be fitted upon customer request especially operating in chemical corrosive environment.;

8. Standard accessories: union or flange (including packing and PVC screws);

9. Additional add-on accessories: switch (including guard), foot valve, check valve, flow-seeing tube, in/outlet  flexible, or filter bag & etc can be purchase;



Suitable: Chemical liquid filter is widely used in electroplating, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, environmental protection, PCB, leather, dyeing and finishing and wastewater treatment industries.

Chemical filter-JK1001-JK2004 series