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A celebration of the 13th Anniversary of JKPUMPS group-in 2019

Dec. 26, 2019


Date: 08th, December, 2019

Today we are together to celebrate the company 13th anniversary. First of all, JK chairman Mr YU behalves of company and expresses a warm welcome to all colleagues and customers who attended the party in China DONGGUAN city.

Since 2006, JK has gone through more than 13years. These are not only 13 years of hard work and hardship, but also 13years of full and rewarding. We can have today's achievements, thank you very much for the hard work of all colleagues and the constant support from our customers.

That is 13 years of innovating, working closely with our customers, learning from the challenges and bringing our best industrial pumps and chemical filter to over 10000 projects, such as PCB manufacturing, chemical industry,environmental protection, waste water, aluminium anodized, etching and plating, etc. There isn't a project that is too complex for JK because our customer-first focus guides our actions and keeps us flexible to accommodate the owner's needs and ready to deliver the best quality.

With the development of the times, just relying on good quality can no longer satisfy the current market, so this year we purchased a batch of new equipment -CNC, Mould and developed new style chemical pumps,such as magnetic drive pump MG Series, self priming centrifugal pump MGS series. At present, it has been applied to some customer projects for testing and has been achieved. Good news, the market can be launched in 2020, and the pumps with Run-Dry capability, there are not easily damaged, increase the life of the pump, and are more environmentally friendly and energy saving.

Finally, here again, thanks all JK company colleagues, all domestic customers and overseas customers; JK group always here waiting to serve and support you with the best quality products.

A celebration of the 13th Anniversary of JKPUMPS group-in 2019