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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Drive Pumps

Apr. 01, 2021

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic drive pumps shared by Magnetic Drive Pumps Suppliers. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


The advantages of magnetically driven centrifugal pumps include that there is no leakage, and there can be a large intermittent between the inner and outer rotors. When non-metallic isolation sleeves are used, the thickness is not more than 8mm, when metal isolation sleeves are used, the thickness is not more than 5mm, and the wall thickness of the isolation sleeve is relatively large. Large, the isolation sleeve is less likely to be worn through, and the gap between the isolation sleeve and the inner and outer magnetic rotors is also large. The magnetic centrifugal pump operates reliably, and the possibility of inner magnetic rotor and isolation sleeve wear caused by shaft seal wear is small. The set is easy to disassemble, can be replaced on site, and is easy to maintain. It can be applied to SIC bearings with good wear resistance and long service life. The pump speed is not limited by the motor. It can be different from the motor speed. In addition, the magnetic centrifugal pump has the following advantages:

Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Pump

1. Because the drive shaft of the magnetic centrifugal pump does not need to penetrate the pump casing, it uses the magnetic field to drive the inner magnetic rotor through the magnetic field and the thin-walled transmission torque of the isolating sleeve. Therefore, the leakage passage of the shaft seal is fundamentally eliminated and a complete seal is achieved.

2. The Magnetic Drive Pump has an overload protection function when it transmits power.

3. The magnetic material and magnetic circuit design of the magnetic drive pump have higher requirements, but the technical requirements of the other parts are not high.

4. The maintenance and repair work of the magnetic drive pump is small.


1. The efficiency of the magnetic centrifugal pump is lower than that of the ordinary centrifugal pump, and it cannot be operated at a low flow rate of 30% of the rated flow rate, and idling is not allowed.

2. Magnetic centrifugal pumps generally have poor wear resistance due to the isolation sleeve material, so magnetic pumps are generally used to transport media without solid particles and it is strictly forbidden for magnetic particle materials to enter the pump.

3. The magnetic centrifugal pump of general structure is allowed to transport liquids containing solid particles with a diameter of less than 0.15mm (100 mesh) and a mass fraction of less than 5% (additional system is required when exceeding it).

4. There is a coupling link between the pump and the motor. The coupling requires high precision for centerline installation. Improper alignment will cause damage to the bearing at the inlet and wear of the single-sided side leakage prevention isolating sleeve.

5. The magnetic drive of the magnetic centrifugal pump has two modes: synchronous transmission and asynchronous transmission. Both the inner and outer magnetic rotors of the synchronous transmission are equipped with permanent magnets, so the temperature of the conveyed liquid must be lower than the maximum temperature allowed by the permanent magnets. A certain margin must be left. Although cobalt and samarium permanent magnets can reach 350 degrees Celsius, the actual operating temperature generally does not exceed 260 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, high temperature may cause permanent magnet loss. The magnetic pump with special structure can reach up to 450 degrees Celsius.

6. Magnetic centrifugal pumps have high requirements on the material and manufacturing process of the isolating sleeve. If the material is not properly selected or the manufacturing quality is poor, the isolating sleeve cannot withstand the abrasion of the inner and outer magnetic rotors and cause abrasion. Once broken, the conveyed medium will be lost. Overflow, causing equipment failure, affecting the normal operation of the device.

7. When the temperature of the medium conveyed by the magnetic centrifugal pump exceeds the stipulation, external cooling is required. For example, a heat-insulating cavity is provided, and the pump cavity is filled with coolant with a pressure higher than the sealing pressure to cool the inner magnetic rotor and bearings, or with interlayer The insulating sleeve of the high-end, the cooling liquid is introduced into the interlayer, or the pump body is equipped with a cooling jacket and a cooling coil, etc., the single structure is complicated and the cost is high.

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