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  • precious metal rectifier
  • precious metal rectifier
  • precious metal rectifier
  • precious metal rectifier
  • precious metal rectifier

Precious metal plating rectifier


Precious metal plating rectifier;

Gold,Silver and titanium plating rectifier,Metal finishing rectifier

Input voltage:AC380/220V±10%、50HZ/60HZ

Output current:0-50A、0-100A、0-500A,(Adjustable)

Cooling system:Air cooling/water cooling;

The precious metal electroplating rectifier is an electroplating machine, mainly used for the electroplating of precious metals such as gold, silver, titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, ruthenium, zirconium, etc

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What is precious metal plating rectifier?

JK TECHNOLOGOES has been manufacturing high quality line of metal finishing for plating rectifier more than 20 years experience;

This high frequency electroplating power supply is mainly used for the electroplating of precious metals such as gold, silver, titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, ruthenium, and zirconium. Whether it is thick plating or throwing plating, this rectifier can definitely reflect the greatest advantage of saving materials; at the same time, the surface flatness and smoothness are 2 levels higher than other system power supply.

All rectifiers are rated for continuous operation in air cooling or water cooling.

This high-frequency electroplating power supply is the best among low-power electroplating power supplies. The biggest feature is its complete functions. It has stable voltage and current conversion, manual and automatic conversion, time alarm, temperature control, filter control, swing machine control, etc. Additional functions can be described as "full-featured", so the sales volume is very good, it is a representative work of low-power electroplating power.

The superiority of pulse power supply plating can be better reflected especially on gold plating. Pulse power supply gold plating could obtain dense crystal electroplating layer coating, that not only significantly increased its finish degree, corrosion resistance, weldability, wear resistance, high temperature capability and have a greater degree of discoloration, but also greatly saved gold.

What are application industry of rectifier?

The precious metal electroplating rectifier is an electroplating machine, mainly used for the electroplating of precious metals such as gold, silver, titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, ruthenium, zirconium, etc.


1. High stability: the system has fast strain rate, strong adaptability to the changes of power grid and load, and the output accuracy is up to 1%.

2. Good technical effect: Using German patented technology, the current density is greatly increased, the plating speed is faster, the workpiece coating is denser, smoother, more wear-resistant, and metal materials and additives are saved.

3. Ultra-high power design: to ensure that customers in all environments can be fully loaded, continuous work.

4. High reliability: The use of high-quality imported devices, and international patented technology products, complete protection, isolation and anti-corrosion measures are excellent.

5,Maintenance is simple: The circuit adopts plug design of computer circuit, which is intuitive and convenient to maintain. Ordinary electricians can complete maintenance and maintenance.

Rectifier for hard oxidation

Water treatment rectifier

Indicator parameter output:

Input voltage:AC380/220V±10%、50HZ/60HZ

Output voltage:0-6V、0-10、0-12V、0-15V、0-24V、0-36V(Adjustable)

Output current:0-500A、0-750A、0-1000A,0-1500A、0-2000A、0-3000A,0-4000A、0-5000A,0-6000A,0-8000A (Adjustable)

Adjustment method: Analog stepless adjustment;

Output display: digital voltage and current meter display (integration of display operation and main body)

Output waveform: 30KHZ DC square wave

Output Interface:4-20MA,0-10V,0-5V(specify when ordering);

Operating environment:-15~40℃

Storage temperature;-20~50℃

Control precision∶≤1%

Insulation resistance:≥5MQ

Outsulation resistance:≥5MQ


Insulation strength input-output: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minute;

Insulation grade:B Class

Protection level:IP20

Cooling system:Air cooling/water cooling;

Operating status: working mode can work continuously at full load for a long time;

Protection mode: phase loss, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, undervoltage, overvoltage protection;

Specification:The special specifications custom-made according to the customersHardware plating power supply:

ModelOutput current(A)Output Voltage(V)Power(KW)Input current(A)OutputWeight(kg)Size(mm)
Cooling system:Air cooling
Cooling system:Water cooling


●Strong coating density: Improve the bonding force, which is conducive to the firm bond between the substrate and the coating, and is beneficial to obtain the alloy coating with stable composition.

●Fast deposition speed: reduce porosity, the formation speed of crystal nucleus is faster than the growth speed, which promotes the refinement of crystal nucleus. Improve the coverage and dispersion ability, alleviate the defects of "scorching" and "dendritic" deposition on the protruding parts of complicated parts due to excessive consumption of deposited ions, and save raw materials.

●High hardness and good wear resistance: improve the mechanical and physical properties of the coating, such as increasing the density, reducing the surface resistance and volume resistance, and improving the toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Reduce the internal stress of the coating, improve the crystal lattice defects, easily obtain a crack-free coating, and reduce additives.

What is electroplating rectifier for hard oxidation uesd for?

Mainly used: zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, cadmium plating, copper plating, lead plating, silver plating, gold plating, alloy plating, imitation gold plating, etc.;

 it can also be used for oxidation, electrolysis, electrophoresis, electroforming, etc.