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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Drive Pumps

May. 26, 2021

Magnetic Drive Pumps are designed to be driven by the force of magnets. Because of this, the shaft of this pump does not come out of the pump casing and therefore does not require a shaft sealing device such as a gland packing or mechanical seal.

For magnet-driven pumps, an external magnet is placed on the drive shaft and is responsible for transferring motion to the magnet attached to the impeller. The impeller rotates and allows fluid to pass through the pump. The two magnets are separated by a backshell, creating what is known as a seal for the fluid, which cannot come into contact with the outside.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps

We find magnetic drives on various types of pumps, such as Centrifugal Pumps, self-priming multistage pumps, vacuum pumps, etc. The obvious advantages and disadvantages of conventional drive pumps and magnetic drive pumps should be fully understood before selecting them.


Based on the design of magnetic drive pumps, the risk of liquid and vapor leakage is extremely low. As a result, people working on or near the pump are not exposed to the dangers of dangerous, corrosive, flammable or explosive liquids and other toxic chemicals. In addition, expensive liquids are not wasted.

This type of pump requires very little maintenance. The main reason for this is that its design is actually quite simple. In fact, when used for normal operation, it is common for a magnetic drive pump to be used for 10 years or more before it needs any kind of repair. Even then, maintenance costs are often very low.

Another huge benefit associated with magnetic drive pumps is that there is no need to calibrate the pump or motor due to the ease of coupling.


For applications involving solids, even in small proportions, magnetic drive pumps are not suitable, as they are only suitable for clean liquids that do not contain solids.

Magnetic drive pumps require higher power absorption than conventional pumps. From a cost perspective, magnetic drive pumps tend to be more expensive, however, quick payback can also be achieved due to very low maintenance costs.

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