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What Are The Reasons For The Failure of the Magnetic Pump?

Mar. 04, 2021

Magnetic drive pump is a kind of relatively fine conveying equipment. It is mostly used for processing technology that has strict requirements on testing standards. It can grasp the cause of magnetic drive pump failure early, and can quickly and rationally deal with equipment abnormalities, thereby ensuring work efficiency. Today, Magnetic Drive Pump Suppliers give Everyone shares the reasons for the failure of the magnetic pump, and I hope you can pay more attention to it in the future use.

Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Pump

The cause of the Magnetic Pump failure can be analyzed and alleviated according to the abnormal conditions of the machine and equipment. At this stage, the common failures and treatment methods in the sales market are as follows:

1. No liquid comes out during operation. One of the most common failures of stainless steel magnetic pumps. There are many reasons for this situation, so it is more inconvenient to deal with. First check whether there is any problem with the suction pipe and whether the pump body is full of fluid. Secondly, check whether the suction height in the whole process of operation has been standardized, and whether there is residual vapor in the suction pipe or whether there is dirt blocking the plastic suction pipe. If there are still problems after carrying out this kind of inspection, the magnetic pump must be disassembled to inspect the internal parts. If the damaged components are found, they must be replaced immediately, and finally check whether the magnetic coupling is normal.

2. The outlet working pressure is not enough and the total flow is abnormal. If the total flow is insufficient, check whether the filter device at the entrance of the machine is blocked; if the working pressure is insufficient, check whether the total flow of the outlet meets the competitiveness index of the outlet gate valve. If the inspection results are all normal, check the internal parts such as the centrifugal impeller and the mouth ring, and carry out the replacement of the damaged components. In addition, it is necessary to check whether everything is normal for the motor and whether the route of the power supply system is smooth.

3. The motor current is too large. This situation usually occurs because the total outlet flow exceeds the design specification. When the magnetic pump is working, if the viscosity of the conveyed material is high and the operation is overweight, the motor current will be too large. For this matter, the rolling bearing of the motor must be inspected.

4. Water leakage occurs during operation. First check whether the gap of the bearing end cover snap ring is abnormal, too loose or too tight is not good. In addition, check whether the suction height is too high. If it exceeds the specification, cavitation will occur, and the locking screw must be tightened and adjusted.

The above is the reason for the failure of the Magnetic Drive Pump and the treatment method. The magnetic drive pump is a machine and equipment that must be repaired on time. Proper maintenance can increase the service life.