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What Are The Precautions For Daily Use of Self-Priming Pumps?

Feb. 25, 2021

Here are the precautions for the daily use of self-priming pumps shared by Self-Priming Pumps Suppliers:

1. First check whether the bolts are loose everywhere, whether the power cord and plug are in good condition, and the motor insulation resistance should be greater than 2 megohms.

2. In order to prevent electric shock accidents, corresponding security measures such as leakage circuit breakers or electric shock protectors must be installed, and reliable grounding must be carried out.

Self-Priming Pumps

Self-Priming Pumps

3. The working voltage range of the Self-Priming Pump must be between +5% and -12% of the rated voltage, otherwise the service life of the motor will be shortened or burned out. If the electric pump is used far away from the power source, the power transmission line should be thickened appropriately, otherwise the voltage will drop and it will not operate.

4. Turn on the power switch, let the pump idling for about 2 minutes, and check whether it starts, runs normally, and rotates correctly.

5. Fix the pump body with steel pipe or rubber tube (not too soft to avoid flattening); connect the water inlet and the bottom valve, and the bottom valve must be placed perpendicular to the horizontal plane and above the water bottom 30cm to avoid sucking in the mud.

6. Before using for the first time, the water storage tank should be filled with water. After tens of seconds after power on, the water cannot be automatically discharged, and there is no need to fill the water in future use.

7. When using, the motor should be kept dry, pay attention to the drop of water level, and the bottom valve should not be exposed out of the water surface. When the temperature is lower than 40C. Anti-freezing work should be done to avoid freezing and cracking the pump body.

8. If it is not used for a period of time, drain the water in the pump (self-priming pumps and automatic pumps dump the water in the storage tank); scrub the main parts clean, apply anti-rust oil, and place them in a ventilated and dry place for later use.

I hope the above sharing will be helpful to everyone. In addition, the company also provides vertical pumps and Centrifugal Pumps. Please feel free to contact us if necessary