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Happy Chinese New Year-2021

Feb. 03, 2021

Dear valuable partners & friends

From: JKPUMPS -Oversea sales & service department

Date: February.2021


I am writing to you to thank you for your support and trust in 2020,on the coming New Year festival , JKpump would like to express heartfelt gratitude to you and with the compliments of the season.

2020 year we all experienced a rough time together,the pandemic virus has changed our daily lives, changed the way we work, and challenged all of us in unprecedented ways. However, it has not changed who we are – because that remains a choice that we make, regardless of the challenges we face.

This pandemic will not define us. Rather, our collective response to this pandemic will define us. Thank you for your loyalty and trust in JKPUMPS as we navigate this crisis. We appreciate those of you who have taken a moment to thank our team members, as it makes such a powerful and positive impact on them.

Your understanding and trust is our strong driving force for progress,your concern and support is our inexhaustible source of growth.Every time you participate in,every suggestion,Let us excited,we constantly forge ahead.The journey with you,our progress is endless confidence and strength,with you,our cause can be immortal,prosperity and development.

we are pleased to inform you our new manufacturing plant in JiangXI province which will start operate in 2021. With the expansion of 3x , JKPUMPS commit to fulfill our partners business demands and our commitment to design and produce more quality products. 

For the past year, JKPUMPS has launched more than 3 type of pumps and chemical filter housing to achieve an ideal solution that will not damage the pump when dry run, high efficiency & energy saving up to 30%. The pump solved the common dry run issues which damaged the pump internal parts which face by most industries. 

Thank you again for trusting JKPUMPS as your supply partner now and future! May peace and love fill your heart,beauty fill your world,and contentment and joy fill your days

Best Regards: Mrs Apple Leong (Oversea sales&service secretary)

Happy Chinese New Year-2021