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Failure Analysis and Solution of Vertical Pump

Feb. 17, 2021

Vertical centrifugal pumps have very good performance in industrial production, urban water supply, high-rise building water supply and other fields, and its use has also been affirmed by people. Because of the particularity of its workplace, workers should prepare in advance for the conditions that may occur when the vertical centrifugal pump is working, and it is best to deal with it in time when the vertical centrifugal pump fails. Next, the Vertical Pump Supplier will analyze several common vertical centrifugal pump failures, hoping that these solutions can help users in their work.

Vertical Pump

Vertical Pump

1. Failure phenomenon: the pump cannot discharge

Failure analysis: a. The direction of rotation is opposite; b. The suction or discharge valve is closed; c. The inlet has no material or the pressure is too low;

Solution: a. Confirm the direction of rotation; b. Confirm whether the valve is closed; c. Check the valve and pressure gauge;

2. Failure phenomenon: insufficient pump flow

Failure analysis: a. The suction or discharge valve is closed; b. The inlet pressure is low; c. The outlet pipeline is blocked;

Solution: a. Confirm whether the valve is closed; b. Check whether the valve is open; c. Confirm whether the discharge volume is normal;

3. Failure phenomenon: abnormal sound

Failure analysis: a. Large eccentricity or poor lubrication of the coupling; b. Motor failure; c. Abnormal reducer;

Solution: a. align or fill with grease; b. check the motor; c. check the bearings and gears;

4. Fault phenomenon: excessive current

Failure analysis: a. The outlet pressure is too high; b. The melt viscosity is too large; c. The shaft package is poor;

Solution: a. Check downstream equipment and pipelines; b. Check viscosity; c. Check shaft seal and adjust appropriately;

5. Fault phenomenon: the pump stops suddenly

Failure analysis: a. Power failure; b. Motor overload protection; c. Coupling damage; d. Outlet pressure is too high, interlocking reaction;

Solution: a. Check the power supply; b. Check the motor; c. Open the safety cover and crank for inspection; d. Check the instrument interlock system;

Through the above analysis, we can find that there may be many reasons for the failure of the Vertical Centrifugal Pump during the use process. Because of the special use of the vertical centrifugal pump, the worker needs to consider when the vertical centrifugal pump fails May be more.

I hope that the above vertical centrifugal pump fault solutions can help new users. In addition, the company also provides Magnetic Drive Pumps and self-priming pumps. Please feel free to contact if necessary