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Five Maintenance Instructions for Magnetic Pumps

Oct. 22, 2020

1) Broken shaft

The material used for the pump shaft of the Magnetic Pump is 99% alumina porcelain. The main reason for the pump shaft breaking is that the shaft is twisted due to the dry running of the pump and the dry grinding of the bearings. When the pump is disassembled and inspected, it can be seen that the bearings have been severely worn. The main way to prevent the pump from breaking is to avoid the dry running of the pump.

2) Bearing damage

The material used in the bearings of the magnetic pump is high-density carbon. If the Pump is disconnected from water or there are impurities in the pump, the bearings will be damaged. If the coaxiality between the inner and outer magnetic rotors of the cylindrical coupling is not guaranteed, it will directly affect the life of the bearing.

3) Insufficient head

The reasons for this failure are: there is air in the conveying medium, the impeller is damaged, the speed is not enough, the specific gravity of the conveying liquid is too large, and the flow is too large.

Magnetic Pump

Magnetic Pump

4) Insufficient flow

The main reasons for insufficient flow are: impeller damage, insufficient speed, excessive lift, and blockage of debris in the pipe, etc.

5) No liquid can be produced

The failure of the magnetic pump to pump liquid is the most common failure of the pump, and there are many reasons for it. First of all, check whether the suction pipe of the pump is leaking, check whether the air in the suction pipe is discharged, whether the amount of liquid filled in the magnetic pump is sufficient, whether there is debris in the suction pipe, and check whether the pump is reversed. (Especially after the motor is changed or the power supply line is overhauled), also pay attention to whether the suction height of the pump is too high. If you still cannot solve the problem through the above inspections, you can disassemble the pump and check to see if the pump shaft is broken. You should also check whether the moving and static rings of the pump are intact, and whether the entire rotor can move a little axially. If the axial movement is difficult, check whether the carbon bearing is too tightly combined with the pump shaft.

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