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Precautions for Using Magnetic Drive Pump

Jan. 08, 2021

This is the Magnetic Drive Pump Supplier introducing precautions for the use of magnetic drive pumps

1. Since the cooling and lubrication of the bearings of the magnetic drive pump depends on the medium being transported, idling is forbidden, and at the same time avoiding idling operation caused by restarting after a power failure in the middle of work.

2. If the conveyed medium contains solid particles, a filter should be added to the pump inlet: if it contains ferromagnetic particles, a magnetic filter should be added.

Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Pump

3. When the Magnetic Drive Pump is in use, the ambient temperature should be less than 40℃, and the temperature rise of the motor should not exceed 75℃.

4. The conveyed medium and its temperature should be within the allowable range of the pump material. The service temperature of the engineering plastic pump is less than 60℃, the service temperature of the metal pump is less than 100℃, the auxiliary suction pressure is not more than 0.2MPa, the maximum working pressure is 1.6MPa, the density is not more than 1600^kg/m3, and the particle size is not more than 30 X 10- 6㎡/S liquid without hard particles and fibers.

5. For the medium that is easy to precipitate and crystallize, the conveying liquid should be cleaned in time after use to drain the liquid accumulation in the pump.

6. After the magnetic pump has been running for 500 hours, the bearing and the end face moving ring should be disassembled and inspected for wear and tear. If the gap between the bearing and the shaft sleeve is greater than 0.5~1mm, the impeller should be replaced when the axial movement is 1.5~2mm. Axial moving ring.

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